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School Profile

Springwood School (SWS) is an Independent, College and Career Preparatory Day and International Boarding School located on a 46-acre campus in Lanett, AL. The school's enrollment is just under 300 students, grades K4-12, including international students from Europe and Asia. We have a capacity for 32 students in the school's International House. On September 1, 2020, Springwood School celebrated its 50th year of college preparatory academic, fine arts and athletic excellence.

Springwood School is accredited by Cognia. The school is located just two miles from Georgia and serves students from both states, holding memberships in Alabama Independent  School Association (AISA) and Georgia Independent School Association (GISA). The school's programs are  open  to qualified  students  of all  races, creeds, and ethnic  origins. As a college and career preparatory school, SWS is run  by  Christian leaders dedicated to providing quality education in a  nurturing environment, focusing on mind, body, and spiritual development. 

As we move into our next 50 years, Springwood is expanding its boundaries to include preparing our students for: 

* jobs that have not yet been created, 

* technology that has not yet been invented, and 

* problems that have not yet been identified. 

The program vision of Springwood School is to be a college and career preparatory school with integrated  curriculum  tracks  for  both  college  prep  (IQ  based  curriculum)  and  career  prep  (EQ,  soft  skill-based  curriculum) and while serving as an entrepreneurial mindset incubator preparing students to navigate future careers and transitions. 

At Springwood School, the  Intelligence Quotient  (IQ)  of each  student is  supported  by  the  rigor  of  our  education. SWS's traditions in and out of the classroom are at the core of the Springwood School mission.  Our academic standards are such that students thrive, not just survive, at the next level of education. 

But is that enough? In K4-12 education, we must prepare our students for life, not just how to make good  grades. Most studies now refer to the EQ (Emotional Quotient) as being the most critical factor in a child's future success.  Springwood  School  is on the leading edge of  evaluating and nurturing the emotional intelligence of each child. They will receive age-appropriate personality and career aptitude tests. Yes, that means a third grader might already know from his assessment that his keen eye for detail and quick completion of addition will steer him toward being an accountant. With the leadership skills gained from  Springwood School, he may become a CFO. Every step a student makes is in harmony with the skills and  natural ability they already possess. 

In 2020 and beyond, Springwood  School  presents  the opportunity for each child to become a  leader according to their ability. Springwood School Ambassadors might be your child's wish, to serve as a tour  guide  for  our  campus  or  creating  themes for Homecoming Week.  Maybe  your  child  is  curious  about  politics  and  begins  writing about current  affairs  and  starts  a  school  newspaper.  Each  student  WILL  identify  their  natural  abilities  and  experience  an  in-school  internship  according  to  their  talents  and  interests. Your child will begin resume-building in Junior High School and, more importantly, will  find  confidence in developing what they do best.

Our  college  preparatory  rigor  and  our  focus  on  career  preparation  is unique making  us  a  smart  educational choice. But there is one more aspect to Springwood School that may delineate us from any  other K-12 campus. When you drive into Springwood School, reminiscent of a college campus, you may  feel what many of our own students have described as a "sense of peace." The long, southern pine-covered  drive is a preview of the quiet confidence our teachers have in the classroom, a confidence supported by  our school's history of achieving excellence for 50 years. We invite you to consider joining our community to develop students into leaders of impact and significance. 

Local History 

Lanett, Alabama, established in 1895 anchored by the vast Lanett Mill, which began textiles operations  in 1894. Today, the mill has been dismantled brick by historic brick, freeing up valuable commercial land  along the Chattahoochee River in the Greater Valley area's burgeoning economy. 

Lanett is one of three communities along with West Point, GA, and Valley, AL, that comprise the region  known as "The Valley". The Valley was home to a thriving textile industry, which began shortly after the  Civil War, eventually becoming the headquarters for West Point Pepperell, which moved abroad in the  late 1980s and early 1990s. Today the Valley's attractiveness is its access to Interstate 85, which provides  an easy drive to Atlanta, GA and the Atlanta airport to the north and Montgomery, AL to the south. The  Chattahoochee  River  runs  through  the  middle  of  the  community  attracting  kayakers,  campers,  and  fishermen. The area is ringed by a series of lakes that provide abundant fishing, boating, hunting, and a  robust outdoor environment. Callaway Gardens, President Roosevelt’s “Little” White House, and Great Wolfe Lodge tourist attractions are within a ½ hour drive from the school and are popular sites for our  local residents as well. The Valley along with Phoenix City, AL, has another unique characteristic since it  is located in the Eastern Time Zone rather than the Central Time Zone like the rest of Alabama. 

West Point, Georgia, established on the banks of the Chattahoochee River in 1832, was historically the  headquarters of the area's dominant textile industry. West Point's history also includes being the location  of one of the Civil War’s last battles. West Point is now home to Kia Motors Manufacturing – Kia's first U.S. plant and Point University, a four year fully accredited private Christian university. 

Valley, Alabama, was incorporated on May 20, 1980, uniting the four towns, Fairfax, Langdale, Riverview, and Shawmut, which were built around textile mills owned by the giant textile corporation, West Point Stevens.



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