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Click on our links below to see what life at Springwood is like for our boarding students!

English Residential Brochure                                                 Korean Residential Brochure   

                                             Vietnamese Residential Brochure 

“What I love about Springwood is the people that I met there; I found that they treat others with kindness and that they were always willing to help me and other students with anything. I still keep in touch with my friends from Springwood!”  Jiwon (Jake) Han, South Korea, Class of 2023

“Rodrigo's year at Springwood was a special adventure for him. We are thankful to the Springwood family for the attention they gave him, the help they offered him, and the kindness and hospitality with which they treated him. From our family, I will always be grateful to the entire Springwood family.”           Teresa Urzaiz, Spain