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Welcome to Springwood International

Springwood International is a safe place for students to live and study, offering great academics and many opportunities! Springwood welcomes students from around the world and has previously enrolled students from more than 20 different countries. Parents looking for a place where their children will be loved and challenged will find that at Springwood School.

Springwood provides a secure and nurturing environment on campus with 24/7 care of our residential students, a rigorous and inspiring academic program, and dedicated faculty that help students achieve their goals. Springwood students become well-prepared academically for their next step of getting accepted into top American universities. Springwood also provides diverse experiences where students can expand their horizons outside of the classroom. Our commitment to academic excellence and engaging co-curricular activities is evidenced by 100 percent of our graduates gaining college acceptances each year.

Boarding students living in the “Springwood International House" have the opportunity to build lifelong friendships. The “Springwood International House” is staffed by House Parents who will become the student’s “American mom and dad.” Residential life at Springwood School offers abundant social opportunities for students and the convenience of living on campus in a beautiful, safe environment. 

Choosing a high school boarding program is an important decision. We are delighted you are considering Springwood International! 

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Ann Hixon
Director of International Student Program



“At Springwood, my son had all the things he needed--excellent care, dedicated teaching, and support. Springwood School is not only a good academic school for international students, but a good holistic school. I was struck both times I visited by the family-like atmosphere--from the school head, teachers, staff, and the houseparents--they are all like family members. I really love Springwood school!”                        Son Nguyen, Vietnam

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