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Community Service

Springwood School is committed to teaching its students the value and importance of leading and serving in our communities.  It is expected for each graduate to have participate in 25 hours of community service per year in grades 9-12.  The objectives of this requirement are as follows:

proud to require its graduates to participate in serving the community.  

  • Increase student awareness of the needs of local citizens and inspire a longing to be part of systemic change
  • Increase student awareness of the skills and talents they have to offer and ways they can partner with organizations making an impact in our area
  • Increase the likelihood of students developing a lifelong pattern of service
  • Develop a recognition of human dignity by working alongside others and improving the quality of life for those they serve
  • Develop tenacity, adaptability, innovation, and patience as many community needs take time to resolve
  • Demonstrate to higher education institutions and future employers a history of compassion and service
  • Give students a venue to put into practice the course values learned in our character education
  • Develop a partnership between Springwood and the community
  • Honor God in our service so that we are not serving just to draw attention to ourselves 

Students will have many opportunities to earn these hours through school-planned service activities.  The Campus Life Office will also provide contact information for approved and qualifying service locations.  Each year, students may earn up to four hours during Wildcat Workday.  Summer is a great time to accumulate one's service hours by going on missions trips, volunteering with community projects, or helping out a local agency.

The school grants permission for service to be earned.  Community Service Hours may be earned for mission trips and other such activities if requested in writing.

The Community Service Verification Form can be downloaded HERE, signed, and turned in to the College & Career Academic Counselor when service is performed outside the school.  Community Service hours will be turned into and recorded in FACTS by the College & Career Academic Counselor.

All Service Hours (other than Wildcat Workday) must be approved by the Director of Campus Life.

All Community Service Hours must be documented by turning in a Community Service Hours must be documented by turning in a Community Service Verification Form, signed by an agency official, and submitted to the College & Career Academic Counselor.


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