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Student Growth Objective (SGO) Information Sheet

If you would like to consider re-allocating your State of Alabama tax dollars, then considering an SGO (Student Growth Objective) program might be something you should consider.  In a nutshell, Alabama allows for taxpayers to use their tax payments specifically towards private schools in the state.  Springwood School is a beneficiary of this plan.  To read more about the law, check out this link:  Alabama Accountability Act

The Alabama Accountability Act currently establishes an annual $30 million statewide limit on the tax credits. The credits will be awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis, and may be carried forward for 3 years.
To register your tax credit contribution:
  1. Go to
  2. Click on "Report a Donation to an SGO". 
  3. Choose a designated SGO Fund.
  4. Enter your donation amount. 
  5. Mail your check directly to the fund.
We currently work with two SGO’s: Scholarships for Kids and Alabama Opportunity Scholarship Fund. The address for each is here:
     P.O. BOX 10204                            P.O. BOX 59188
     BIRMINGHAM, AL  35202              BIRMINGHAM, AL 35259

You will receive confirmation of donation from the Alabama Department of Revenue. 

For more information about Scholarships for Kids, contact Stephen Bridgers at 205-246-5613.

For more information about Alabama Scholarship Opportunity Fund, contact Abbie Schofield at 205-206-7804.

We would be happy for the opportunity to discuss the program with interested donors.

Dr. Kim Plank                                                 Megan Payne
Head of School                                                Tuition/Grant & Aid Manager 
(334) 829-4000                                               (334) 829-4000