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  Name Title
Springwood Admissions Admissions, Springwood
Vicki Andrews Andrews, Vicki Human Resources Manager
Leonard Autry Autry, Leonard Bus Driver
Leon Banks Banks, Leon Band Director
Amy Britton Britton, Amy Administrative Assistant to Director of Athletics and Campus Life
Delaina Brock Brock, Delaina Administrative Assistant to Director of International Program
Jenna Brown Brown, Jenna Receptionist
Sally Brown Brown, Sally Teacher-Science
Victoria Buckley Buckley, Victoria
Joey Burch Burch, Joey Director of Athletics and Operations/Head Football Coach
Paula Burch Burch, Paula Teacher - Fifth Grade
Kim Burgess Burgess, Kim Executive Assistant to the Head of School, Communications Manager
Amy Camp Camp, Amy Teacher-Math
Lynn Clark Clark, Lynn International House Parent
Tiffany Clark Clark, Tiffany International House Parent / Counselor
Suzanne Cook Cook, Suzanne Teacher - Math
Lauren Cooper Cooper, Lauren Educational Technology Specialist
Caroline Davidson Davidson, Caroline Teacher - Sixth Grade
Carol Anne Elwell Elwell, Carol Anne Teacher - Spanish
Michael Foster Foster, Michael Custodial / Faculty Support / Coach
Irene Fries Fries, Irene Teacher - Academic Support
Danielle Hanvey Hanvey, Danielle Receptionist
Hannah Harden Harden, Hannah House Parent
Stanley Harden Harden, Stanley House Parent
Karen Hill Hill, Karen Teacher - K4
Ann Hixon Hixon, Ann Director of International Student Program
Delaine Horne Horne, Delaine K5 Assistant, Primary School Art Teacher
Traci Jackson Jackson, Traci Teacher-K4
Victor Kary Kary, Victor Maintenance
Merrielle Key Key, Merrielle Admissions / Teacher - Science
Jennifer Knox Knox, Jennifer Teacher - PE and Health
John Lanier Lanier, John College, Career, & Academic Counselor, Registrar
Vanessa Lanier Lanier, Vanessa Housekeeping
Pamela Lyons Lyons, Pamela Teacher - Third Grade
Angela McClung McClung, Angela Teacher - Fourth Grade
Philip McClung McClung, Philip Art-Choral/Drama/Theater
Warren Nolen Nolen, Warren Teacher - Social Studies
Pam Pardue Pardue, Pam Teacher - Fifth Grade
Jeannie Partridge Partridge, Jeannie Teacher-K4
Megan Payne Payne, Megan Tuition Manager / Teacher - Math
Lee Pino Pino, Lee Teacher - Science
Kim Plank Plank, Kim Head of School
Michael Plank Plank, Michael Director of Development and Campus Life
Hunter Plant Plant, Hunter Teacher - PE / Assistant Baseball Coach
Anne Ponder Ponder, Anne CNP Director
Lisa Sampson Sampson, Lisa Head Coach Boys and Girls Basketball
Sara Sands Sands, Sara Teacher - English
Jeff Sargent Sargent, Jeff Teacher - Music and Performing Arts
Allison Smith Smith, Allison Teacher - K5
Lynn Smith Smith, Lynn Teacher - First Grade
Louise Vines Vines, Louise Cafeteria
Alison Vinson Vinson, Alison Director of Academics
Mary Vollrath Vollrath, Mary Teacher - Visual Arts
Marie Ward Ward, Marie Teacher - English
Murphy Wood Wood, Murphy Teacher - Social Studies
Pam Wood Wood, Pam Teacher - Social Studies and Speech
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