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AP Psychology Students Showcase Their Work

Mrs. Oswalt's AP Psychology class was studying their provided curriculum on the 7 sections of behavioral learning which was complicated and outdated.  So instead of trying to make old resources work, the class created updated materials showcasing visual models of each area.  Mrs. Oswalt took a chance and submitted their work to the AP Board and they loved it!  It won't be long until you see Springwood School's work used as the new standard for AP Psych students all over the country!

10th, 11th, 12th, AP Language and Comp and AP Literature and Comp Reading List:

If you are an AP student, you WILL need to annotate your reading assignments. 

10th Grade Reading List:

All 10th graders are required to read ONE of the following books: FYI… Rebecca is Mrs. Oswalt’s favorite book of all time.  It is a wonderful mystery!

11th Grade Reading List:

All 11th graders are required to read ONE of the following books:

12th Grade Reading List: 

All 12th graders are required to read ONE of the following books:

AP English Reading List:

AP Literature and Composition: 

*How to Read Literature Like a Professor Revised Edition by A Lively and Thomas C. Foster

+  ONE book from your grade’s reading list

AP Language and Composition:

*Before We Were Yours by Lisa Wingate (Yes, this is the same title on the 11th reading, so you  will still need a second book.)

+ ONE from your grade’s reading list



There will be a grade taken at the beginning of the school year over the titles you have read.  

DISCLAIMER FOR PARENTS:  The reading list was developed using recommendations from College Board, AP English Language curriculum, AP English Literature curriculum and award winning non-fiction with a Lexile score of 1100 or above. The content of these books can be sensitive in nature. Parents are advised to review the list, read summaries of the books, and assist students in determining which books are appropriate for them.