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  • AISA State Spelling Bee Winner!

    We are so proud to announce that 4th Grader, Emaline Swenson, came in FIRST PLACE in the AISA State Spelling BEE. Congratulations Emaline! Great job!

  • Mask Protocol

    Everyone must have a mask with them at ALL times on campus.
    To remain on campus with in-person classes it is imperative that we wear masks.

    When it is not possible to remain physically distanced from other individuals. 
    When entering a building (The gym, FAC or a classroom everyone must wear a mask) If someone is not wearing or does not have a mask with them, they will be immediately sent home and given an unexcused absence from school for that day.
    The school does not have spare masks to give out. It is the responsibility of each person to always have a mask with them and to wear it appropriately.
    ALWAYS WEAR your masks in the FAC except when eating or drinking.
    Use outdoor classroom doors to change classes throughout the day.
    Wearing a mask is one of the most strategic methods to protect each other from being exposed to a virus.